Macrosound™ technology is a water purification process for removing undesirable biological contaminants (pathogens, viruses and bacteria), chemicals, suspended solids and gases from contaminated water with the objective to produce water for a specific purpose. The technology is based on macro-scale hydrodynamic cavitation. It is a patented mechano-chemical application – using a mechanical process to generate a chemical result.

Process creates huge mechanical stresses that kill pathogens and disrupts solids; and intense conditions that generate unique chemistry that can be used to accomplish a variety of technological objectives.

Process has ability to maintain overall macroscopically ambient processing conditions of the bulk solution stream; thereby allowing for efficiency in energy utilization and significantly less complexity of processing equipment and infrastructure.

Uniqueness of the Macrosound™ technology is the mechano-chemical action that triggers and intensifies adsorptions; which involves “binding reaction chemistry” used in the remediation and desalination applications.