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We make water more usable with Macrosound™ technology.

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Macrosound™ technology is a complete and disruptive shift in the traditional water remediation process.


Our patented technology is one of a kind. It can be scaled to fit any project size. Contact us for more information.

Intellectual Property

Maelstrom has several granted patents and more pending. Maelstrom is changing the way the world remediates water.

About Maelstrom Water Technologies

Maelstrom Water Technologies is a Utah-based startup company that has developed a unique and innovative-patented water purification technology called Macrosound™. It is a disruptive technology that offers both economic and performance advantages over conventional water remediation technologies in use today. Macrosound™ technology has proven efficacy to effectively and efficiently disinfect, remediate and desalinate water.

Our objective is the commercialization and deployment of the Macrosound™ technology for humanitarian, environmental and commercial applications.

The National and global need for more usable water supports a significant business opportunity for Maelstrom Water Technologies.