Macrosound™ technology is a complete and disruptive shift in the traditional water remediation process.


The technology is based on macro-scale hydrodynamic cavitation.

Intellectual Property

Patented macro-scale hydrodynamic cavitation technology.

About Maelstrom Water Technologies

Maelstrom Water Technologies is a Utah-based startup company that has developed a unique and innovative-patented water purification technology called Macrosound™. It is a disruptive technology that offers both economic and performance advantages over conventional water remediation technologies in use today. Macrosound™ technology has proven efficacy to effectively and efficiently disinfect, remediate and desalinate water.

Our objective is the commercialization and deployment of the Macrosound™ technology for humanitarian, environmental and commercial applications.

The National and global need for more usable water supports a significant business opportunity for Maelstrom Water Technologies.